Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan scavengers ChemSol H2S are designed to neutralize (absorb) hydrogen sulfide and light mercaptans in gas-water-oil environments in all processes associated with oil production.

We offer two types of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan absorbers for acidic media, as well as for neutral and alkaline media. Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan scavengers Chemsol H2S are a composition of amine heterocyclic compounds and complex carbonyl substances.

The increasingly stringent requirements for the content of hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans in commercial oil and petroleum products require an adequate solution. We have developed reagents with small relative dosages of 2.5-3 g per 1 g of hydrogen sulfide, in the case of oil products, up to 12 g per 1 g of hydrogen sulfide.


Supplied in plastic and metal barrels, IBC-containers by auto or railway transport, railway tanks, as well as in bulk in consumer's containers.