Demulsifier - a chemical reagent for breaking water-oil emulsion. Today, the most important stage in the oil production process is the destruction of oil emulsions.

Choosing an effective solution is one of the biggest challenges facing oil companies. During the tests, "Chemical Solutions" LLP has established its products as a cost-effective and more efficient solution.

Demulsifiers DMLS HO (heavy oil), DMLS LO (light oil), DMLS MO (medium oil) are designed to increase the rate of water separation and desalting of hydrocarbon feedstock in oil fields, tank farms. Demulsifiers are a balanced composition of nonionic surfactants based on block copolymers of ethylene and propylene oxide, oxyalkylated polyaziridines in a water-alcohol solvent.

The line of demulsifiers includes two main types - oil-soluble and water-soluble.

The main advantages of demulsifiers:

DMLS HO (heavy oil, water-soluble)

DMLS LO (light oil, oil soluble)

DMLS MO (medium oil, oil soluble)

  • applicable at high separation speeds, including centrifugation;
  • narrow intermediate emulsion layer;
  • low hydrocarbon content in residual water:
  • inhibition of corrosion.


Supplied in plastic and metal barrels, IBC - containers, auto or railway transport, railway tanks, as well as in bulk in consumer containers.