Inhibitors Wincorr Oil and Wincorr Water are designed to protect equipment from electro-chemical corrosion and are active heterocyclic compounds in a specially selected complex solvent with the inclusion of bactericidal additives. Corrosion inhibitors form a strong film on the surface, preventing the penetration of corrosive components from an aggressive environment - salts, carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans)

STC TOS, commissioned by Chemical Solutions LLP, has developed new active ingredients for corrosion inhibitors. The science of corrosion protection does not stand still; for the first time in the CIS, we have created a technology for the continuous production of active components in flow-type reactors. New types of active ingredients are used not only in the field of corrosion protection, but also as emulsifiers, demulsifiers, anti-turbulent additives, detergents, in cosmetology and much more.

The main advantages of corrosion inhibitors Wincorr Oil and Wincorr Water:

- not less than 85% efficiency at dosages up to 40 ppm; - easily coordinated on surfaces;

- create a protective film on metal surfaces, counteract the harmful effects of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and carbon monoxide;

- have excellent performance characteristics, low working dosage;

- slightly soluble and soluble corrosion inhibitors have long-term effects.


Supplied in plastic and metal barrels, IBC-containers by auto or railway transport, railway tanks, as well as in bulk in consumer's containers.