Anti-turbulent additives are designed to reduce pulsation in the flow of hydrocarbons and main water pipelines, thereby increasing the volumetric rate of transportation through pipelines by up to 30%. As a result, capital costs for the construction of new pumping facilities and pipelines are reduced.

The company offers its own developments both for the aqueous phase - ChemSol DRW, and for oil and oil products - ChemSol DRO.

Scope of ChemSol DRW - water conduits, injection systems; ChemSol DRO - oil pipelines, product pipelines, bunkering systems, infield pipelines.

Possessing extensive knowledge of the oils of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we are ready to cooperate from laboratory and pilot-industrial tests and up to operator support for our solutions.

The main advantages of anti-turbulent additives:

  • They have increased stability at high Reynolds numbers, slightly degrade at high flow rates and on centrifugal pumps;
  • ChemSol DRW is completely water soluble, ChemSol DRO is completely oil soluble;
  • Does not require constant stirring during storage;
  • It has excellent performance characteristics and a low working dosage.


Supplied in plastic drums, IBC containers by auto or railway transport.